Catering a party for 100 people … how hard can that be?


The shop was quiet all week. But of course when me and mum have a little bit of cooking to get on with, the entire of hinckley decides that they should come to the shop. So late on friday afternoon, Hinckley cleared us. First we ran out of straws, and then sundae glasses for milkshakes, and then milkshake ice cream, and then vanilla ice cream(the back up to be used for milkshakes), and then we ran out of cakes, and then we ran out of ice cream … and then people were still coming in. It got to the point that people were coming up to order a create your our dessert to find that half of the dessert bases had all ran out, (brownies, waffles, pancakes, cookies) and we were down to chocolate and honeycomb ice cream. Not a lot of choice left - oops. 

So on top of having just the saturday and sunday morning to cater for 100 people, we then had to totally restock all of the cakes and ice cream on the counter on saturday too. We left for work at quarter past 6. got to the shop for me to find that i did not have my keys. this was a little scary as they are always in my bag and we had no other way of getting inside. so we had to drive home for me to check my bedroom in case they had fallen out of bag and check my jeans pockets. they wernt there. i rang mike. he was awake waiting for me to ring, and he had the keys, they had fell out of my bag onto his car seat. the melon thought it would be better to wait until the morning to let me know this, rather than wake me up the night before when he realised. bless him. he came to meet us with the keys. so after all of that kerfuffle - we finally got to work.

Everything goes wrong when you have lots to do. All of the cakes we made were collapsing when it came to icing them. The chocolate cake split through the middle and towered over like an earthquake had taken place. the tin opener broke so we could not finish the swirly whirly curly whirly pie - everything was fucking up.

somehow we managed to get some cakes and ice cream made. 

To do list at this point : Leave everyone else to man the shop - get food in the oven for sunday ! 

No. As i said, things never go to plan, saturday just happened to be the busiest day in a good few weeks. this meant no food got in the oven for sunday.

eventually (about half past 5) i decided enough was enough, i was not prepared to come into work at 2oclock in the morning to start cooking - im not just not good enough in the mornings. so i set to work getting the cupcakes in the oven. mum and dad went to tescos to get A LOT of ingredients. we even got dad involved (scary thought) - only the bad jobs of course. he had to chop and dice about 30 red onions, grate about 30 carrots and make 100 balinis. at 11oclock we decided it was home time - and chinese take away time (who wants to go home from work and cook at that silly hour). Long, long, long day. but eventually i got into my snuggly warm bed.

Sunday - back at work by 7, straight in the kitchen. We were getting on quite well, but there was so much to do we were a little bit late arriving with the food. It did look great though, and K was very happy. This was the most important thing. The catering was for a party - but not just any party. K has an amazing little girl (Littlebit), they are both amazingly strong. Littlebit was very very premature, and this made them both not very well. The party was for Littlebit’s 1st birthday, and to celebrate her strength for making it through, it was a special day. 

And of course we couldn’t not take the liquid nitrogen. 

So after everyone had helped themselves to the buffet we set lewis off entertaining the kids (with ice cream of course)

So it was a long long weekend, but littlebits party was great fun :) And me and mum feel so honoured that K trusted us to make the food for the special day. 

Its only 5 days until the shop closes now and me and mum start our new ventures.

We have made so many amazing friends though, and they won’t get rid of us easily.

the roodys team with littlebit :)


Lewis has a littlllee bit of a temper on him at times.

At points, rows between him and my parents have lasted hours, resulted in chairs and coffees being thrown about and all sorts. All normally spiralling out of a silly misunderstanding or lack of communication.

I wouldn’t normally find this amusing … until i had an amazing idea !

I don’t know why or how this idea came to me, it wasn’t even in the middle of an arguement, i just came up with it totally randomly while mopping the floors at the end of the day - I’m a genius

So i thought i would share my business idea with my mike first. He thought it was amazing :) … So, then it was time to ask mums thoughts.

'Mum I'v had a business idea, i think you'll like it'

'Oh god, what is it?'

'Well, you know lewis gets quite angry and over the top?'


'Have you ever watched YouTube? I could make a fortune videoing his arguements, people honestly would watch it, it would be hilarious. I should use the resources I'v been given'

she did find it funny, but it is also her child so apparently i couldn’t do that.

So after much deliberation (Apparently he would sue me if it got popular and he found out what i was doing without me telling him/ asking permission… maybe not a good idea) i decided that i would pitch the idea to him and offer him a cut if his anger ever got popular on youtube.

Obviously i was expecting a bit fat F*** Off - and maybe one of his angry tantrums.

But worth a go

Somehow (Honestly i think he knows his anger would be funny on the internet) he did actually agree to let me video every arguement he has


So i hopefully lewis will get angry soon and i will have some funny videos to upload :) 


Tuesday mornings at work are Wriggly Readers morning (This means loads of mums and babies come in for coffee after going to the library - I like this, it fulfills my baby needs enough to stop me wanting one yet). So off course me and mum have to keep the customers happy and stop, have cuddles with their little monkeys and have a good old chat (some people would consider this skiving off, its definetly an important aspect of work though). One little lady (she has this wierd effect on people that will literally have the whole shop oohing and arring at her) is starting to become really rather cheeky. So we started chatting about how much fun children can be … of course mum tells stories about when me, lewis (The first born) and Billy (The baby - maybe not a baby anymore - 15 and ginormous).

1. When i was a tiny tot and wanted feeding, Lewis snuck off one day. Mum found him a few minutes later, leaning over the sink…. Drinking a bottle of bleach. OH NO. So she rushes to the hospital for them to say … well, he seems alright.

2. Obviously having decided he enjoys eating and drinking unusal things, he took a liking to eating plants out of the garden. Personally i think he was just trying to get attention.

And then, he was found one day with a tube of Deep Heat ! Haha. Mum rushes off to the doctors (yet again) to get a massive bollocking oopsie, but once again Lewis came out alright

3. This ones me.

Hair removal cream, YUM. I didnt come out unharmed like Lewis :( When mum came upstairs to give me a bath i showed her the 'Bubbles in my mouth :)' … Apparently my WHOLE mouth was covered in blisters to the point that it looked like frogspawn, beautiful.

4. Baby boy Billy is autistic. When he was younger he had a thing for SLUGS… not just looking at slugs. Billy discovered if you squeeze a slug, their slug slime oozes out of them. So he was found many a time COVERED in slug slime, head to toe. This, by the way, is IMPOSSIBLE to get off, nothing is designed for removing slug slime. My favourite bit about this, is that the little boy the same age as billy next door also like squeezing slugs, so they would pick out nice big juicy ones, and pass them through the fence to each other… nice.

So, i think we might have freaked the new mums out a little bit, the joys that they still have to come hahaha :)

I don’t think it was the hair removal cream that gave me my love for food, but hey, iv always like to try new things



Woke up late this morning, so much for an early start.

Sods Law. Of course i would wake up late on the day we (mother and me) have an appointment at the bank.

Aahh Well, still managed to throw out a couple of cakes before we tottered off.

So. Here we are all excited ( we get a bit like that ) and then we set foot inside the bank … 

Seriously. How could you manage to sit in their all day? It might just be me and my short attention span, but after about 5 mins all i could think about was my tummy. Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle. Stupid impatient tummy - obviously angry with me for not giving him any breakfast.

Anyway god knows how, but we made it through the whole meeting without starting to sing to ourselves, or anything else that would save us from the boredom.

WHOOOO … Roodys Creations now has an open bank account

And hopefully i wont have to go back to the bank anytime soon :)


Don’t get me wrong i LOVE work … but, there is nothing like having a day off and spending allllll day doing nothing :)

Can’t wait to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie with my mike :)



277758_10150334370774257_786834256_9298830_546292_oWaffles with oreo ice cream, strawberry ice cream and millions topping!

272754_10150334370509257_786834256_9298828_3276558_oTongue face!

It’s my best friends birthday today so I took her to Roodys desert parlour in my town. Ice cream for breakfast is definitely the way forward!


Source: artisticburst

Liquid Nitrogen, the new trendy way to cook. How can you have a party creating WHATEVER flavour ice cream in the whole world you want ?! Who can come to your house and teach you and your friends to make ice cream (from scratch) and then let YOU freeze it with liquid nitrogen ice cream. The answer is of course you can’t… until now.

So me and my mum are going into partnership, we’re bringing liquid nitrogen to YOU. We’re doing work conferences, parties (Adults too… liquid nitrogen is THE ONLY way to freeze alcohol, I forgot to say), festivals, scout groups (making science fun is so great for the kids) and we have so many more ideas. Its exciting. The business is set up, everythings in place and we’re desperate to get going.

You see, we have been doing this for the past year. With the family run business, a surreal retro, pink-ceilinged liquid nitrogen ice cream and dessert parlor. The thing is, this amazing shop is situated in Hinckley (a small town in leicestershire, where the majority of the population hasn’t moved away from bacon sarnies), to put it bluntly the business is wasted there.

So we are going mobile ! 


18 year old’s don’t have a clue about the real world !!!

Obviously you havent met me !!!

Everything in my life ain’t always pretty and pink.

But … When you’ve had a life like i’v had i’v had a lot to be thankful for.

From the get go i’v always been hard work - even my body rejects me. When i say this i mean my body doesn’t want me to enjoy the finer things in life. You try and think of something that you really enjoy eating that has absolutely no sugar in it! If your thinking of fruit, that’s a big NO NO. Eventually after Great Olmond Street Hospital testing me for everything, by chance (i mean a doctor from europe had by chance read a short bit about my very rare condition once) i was diagnosed with hereditory fructose intolerance ….(HFI).

So to keep it short I can’t eat anything with fructose or sugar (sucrose) in. It doesn’t sound too bad when its put like that… the truth of it is – No fruit, Only green veg, No sweets, Cakes, Ice cream, even cereals are impossible to find. Honestly, you lot take stuff for granted, im over the moon to find cornflakes costing £2.50 a box that I can eat !

This is probably what inspired my love for cooking. I honestly do have the greatest mum in the world. I mean how many people would HUNT to find a way to give their little girl as much as they possibly can. My mum found a way to bake me cakes, brownies, ice cream, cookies, she makes me sugar free pizza, and of course all meals have to be cooked from scratch. Gotta love mummy pinkie.

18 year old Georgie (by the way Georgie is me, Nice to meet you) is on her way down such an amazing path.

Working 70 hours a week, baking beautiful cakes and making liquid nitrogen ice cream at 7o’clock every morning, I somehow still managed to get my maths, chemistry and physics A levels. To top that i’m also a director of the company.

But moving on from that… i’v ended that chapter of my life, and im sooooo excited about the next one.

Great news is i’m dragging you lot with me.