Lewis has a littlllee bit of a temper on him at times.

At points, rows between him and my parents have lasted hours, resulted in chairs and coffees being thrown about and all sorts. All normally spiralling out of a silly misunderstanding or lack of communication.

I wouldn’t normally find this amusing … until i had an amazing idea !

I don’t know why or how this idea came to me, it wasn’t even in the middle of an arguement, i just came up with it totally randomly while mopping the floors at the end of the day - I’m a genius

So i thought i would share my business idea with my mike first. He thought it was amazing :) … So, then it was time to ask mums thoughts.

'Mum I'v had a business idea, i think you'll like it'

'Oh god, what is it?'

'Well, you know lewis gets quite angry and over the top?'


'Have you ever watched YouTube? I could make a fortune videoing his arguements, people honestly would watch it, it would be hilarious. I should use the resources I'v been given'

she did find it funny, but it is also her child so apparently i couldn’t do that.

So after much deliberation (Apparently he would sue me if it got popular and he found out what i was doing without me telling him/ asking permission… maybe not a good idea) i decided that i would pitch the idea to him and offer him a cut if his anger ever got popular on youtube.

Obviously i was expecting a bit fat F*** Off - and maybe one of his angry tantrums.

But worth a go

Somehow (Honestly i think he knows his anger would be funny on the internet) he did actually agree to let me video every arguement he has


So i hopefully lewis will get angry soon and i will have some funny videos to upload :)